F is for Fear

12 thoughts on “F is for Fear”

  1. Nicely done. One of my favorite quotes (I first heard it in the “Princess Diaries” movies; not sure where it’s originally from) is this:

    “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the knowledge that something else is more important than fear.”

    Fear is of the Enemy, my mom always reminded me. The Bible has the phrase “do not fear” over 300 times…I think that’s extremely significant. Fear is something that is real, but it is not something I ever have to battle alone.

    Stopping by from the A to Z–I’m at http://jaimieramsey.com. 🙂


  2. “They’re all irrational…”

    Not all fears are irrational. It’s perfectly rational to be afraid of heights if you’re standing at the edge of a cliff, for example. Fear keeps us safe, though I totally agree with you that we can’t let them control our entire lives.

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    1. That’s an interesting way of looking at it. I would only say that the fear part is irrational. We can rationally say, “That’s a long fall. I don’t want to fall or I will die,” but the irrational side has us with cold sweat, racing heart, trembling…perhaps for hours after, too. What do you think?


  3. Oh, how I love this post! It applies to each and every one of us. We all have fear, it is what we do with it that either enables or disables us.

    Here is a favourite quote from the movie, After Earth. Will Smith says,

    “Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me danger is very real but fear is a choice.”


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