P is for Priorities

6 thoughts on “P is for Priorities”

  1. Good for you for making the choices you need to in your life. There was another of the A-Z bloggers who felt the same, yet in her own way, she had actually already completed the letters in a list. Do what you need to for you, and drop in and let us know when you do have posts for us to keep in touch with you through.

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  2. Interesting challenge though I understand your decision to not finish it. I think challenges like this are great when bloggers need inspiration for posts but if you’ve got a novel to write that’s your heart and you’ve got to follow it. Best of luck to you.

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  3. I don’t know how you got to P! It’s busy enough doing 26 posts in 26 days, but I understand you also have to visit a zillion other blogs daily. So happy I stuck with my normal routine!


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