About Laura Lis Scott

photo of Laura Lis Scott


I science fiction, fantasy, contemporary fiction, and non-fiction. I have a couple of novelettes out written when political satire was possible. My latest publication is micro-flash story #75 on Story Seed Vault. Right now I’m working on a science fiction set 200 years in the future.

Editor and book designer

Logo for Book Love Space, https://booklove.spaceFor my day job, I edit fiction and do book design. Some of my recent work is on Katherine M. Lawrence’s Yamabuki novels about a woman samurai in 12th-century Japan. For more about all that, visit my book design and editing website, Book Love Space.


For five years I was Tech Editor for BlogHer, and blogged personally since 2001. I directed and edited a documentary series for public television, made some independent films, edited a magazine, co-founded a website development company, served on the boards of a couple of non-profits, produced B-movie trailers, and if that’s not eclectic enough, I also waited tables, delivered campus mail, drove a truck (more like a van), did wordprocessing for NY corporations and lawfirms, and raced cars (on actual racetracks because street racing is dumb). I’ve spoken at several conferences, but otherwise I tend to be a wallflower at events.

I have a BA from The University of Chicago and an MFA from Columbia University of New York. I’ve also taken classes at UC Berkeley, UCLA, and HB Studio in New York. I’ve been fortunate to study with Brian Moore, Wayne C. Booth, Jascha Kessler, Richard Stern, Frank Daniel, Vojtěch Jasný, John G. Avildsen, Francis X. Kinahan, Salem Ludwig, Brad Dourif, Ralph Rosenblum, Bedrich Batka, Riccardo Levi-Setti, Monte Lloyd, and Andrew Sarris. Once upon a time, I played clarinet and sax.